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Skilled & Reliable Engineering Solutions

Tech Shield Limited is one of a kind company first in Bangladesh. The real focus of this company is to assist the start up companies to full fill their dream of owning a company of their own. How does Tech Shield Limited Help. Tech Shield helps start-up companies to develop their product or you can say it prototype development.

Tech Shield Limited has local and international professionals in different areas such a, Mechanical and Electrical Design, Manufacturing, Product and Process Development, Micro and Nano Manufacturing, Embedded System Design, PCB Design, PCB assembly, 3D Printing, Android, iPhone, and Web App developer and so on. Tech Shield Limited does not want your Intellectual Property (IP) and will not share your IP with anyone else. Your trade secret is safe with us.

Tech Shield Limited offers the assistant to different professional companies and it does it with an affordable rate. The rate is competitive and if you find the price cheaper than we will not only match the price, we will offer a 10% additional discount.

Tech Shield Limited as a company knows that, prototype development is not the end of product rather its the beginning. Therefore, Tech Shield offers in house injection molding, and PCB assembly (SMD and DIP) service. Tech Shield also offers the product reliability test according to different standards such as Mil-Standard, ASTM Standard, DIN, and so on.

If you are a professional established company and need some help with your system automation (PLC Based) please talk to us. We also source different industrial components from all over the world.

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Idea, Inovation, Creativity, Technology, That's What We Are Talking About

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Start your journey today. We are founded to helping you to make you become successful.

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Address: Road# 11, House#1216, Mirpur DOHS, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.
Email: office@techshieldbd.com
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