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Design and Analysis

Mechanical: Computer Aided Design (CAD) of Mechanical Parts and Assembly, Prototype Development.

Electrical: Electrical Circuit Design for Different Applications, PCB layout Design for DIP or SMD/SMT, High Quality PCB manufacturing (FR4 and Aluminum Based, single layer only).

Analysis: Mechanical Stress-Strain, Vibration, Fluid Dynamics, Thermal, Rigid Body Dynamics.


Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), G-code generation for 3 Axis CNC machine.

Plastic and Aluminum part Manufacturing with 3 Axis CNC.

SMD/SMT Pick and Place Complete Assembly (Single, Multilayer) of PCB. We have ESD (Electro Static Discharge) proof environment.

We have experienced Micro controller programmer and short range radio frequency expert (RF and Bluetooth).


Tech Shield providing state of art solution for mechanical and electrical part design. If you are having problem with your existing system talk to us. We will help you to solve.

HVAC System Design and Consulting

Prototype Development

If you have an idea and proof of concept, Tech Shield Limited has the ability to develop a working prototype and small scale production.

IT: We have in house software developer to develop Android and web based applications.

Engineering Test Service: We provide product reliability test based on Mil-standard.

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